Click here for pictures, video, transcripts of Marianne Schnall, Gloria Steinem and Eve Ensler's speeches and other special features from the "Daring to Be Ourselves" book launch/'s 15 Year Anniversary party!

Watch a slide show excerpt from Daring to Be Ourselves at The Huffington Post:
Finding Your Own Voice: Quotes from Cameron Diaz, Gloria Steinem and Other Uncommon Women

Article/Excerpt at BlogHer
Our Most Difficult Times Can Open Our Hearts
Marianne Schnall shares the wisdom of other great women from her book, "Daring to Be Ourselves." She writes as part of's Own Your Beauty initiative.

Daring to Be Ourselves Gallery at Beliefnet
Gallery featuring quotes and images of the women featured in Daring to Be Ourselves:
Advice to Young Girls
Female celebrities share the message they most want to instill in the next generation of women.

"In the wake of anti-feminist backlash, and fueled by the fear of being an "out" feminist (think: "I'm not a feminist, but..."), the concept and power of sisterhood has faded away. But perhaps it is (high) time for the return of this simple, yet powerful, idea. Finding the courage to speak, to fight and to be our genuine selves by connecting with other strong women is the message of Marianne Schnall's forthcoming collection of courageous quotations by influential women, Daring to Be Ourselves. Sharing our experiences, speaking our truths and finding power in our collective knowledge are not dated concepts, but projects we must take up -again- because rape still isn't funny, and violence against women still isn't sexy, and smirking apologies, year after year, for these same violations are simply unacceptable."
-- A Return to Sisterhood by Stephanie Hallett, Ms. Magazine

"Daring to be Ourselves is a profoundly empowering book filled with quotes written by some of the most influential women of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, such as Jane Fonda, Cameron Diaz, Maya Angelou, Gloria Steinem, Melissa Etheridge, Natalie Portman and many more. They all share opinions about issues of equality, caring for the earth, self-love, and words of wisdom to young girls. I feel deeply fortunate to have had the chance to read this book. Women are constantly putting themselves down and trying too hard to be perfect, like the artificial women we see on glossy magazines. It's crucial for women to know that we don't need to duplicate those images we see in the media. Marianne Schnall has produced a book that will not only empower young women, but make them see how amazing it is to be a woman. She shows us that with a little more self confidence we too can be as strong and liberated as the women who she quotes."
-- by Lauren Kearney, 16, Teen Voices Magazine

"The body isn't separate from the brain, so as we take care of ourselves in 2011, we can't forget to nourish our minds, too! This new book is an excellent pick-me-up with lessons learned and motivating stories collected by the phenomenal Marianne Schnall, creator of, who interviewed each and every influential voice shared inside. Some of my favorite women from around the world are included, like Gloria Steinem, Eve Ensler, Maya Angelou, Cameron Diaz, and more. What a marvelous gift for any woman in your life this winter season!
- by Nancy Redd, AOL Shopping

Excerpt from Daring to Be Ourselves featured at The Women's Media Center:
"We're thrilled to release quotes excerpted from Marianne Schnall's new inspirational book Daring to Be Ourselves: Influential Women Share Insights on Courage, Happiness and Finding Your Own Voice . Schnall's book includes interviews from some of the most inspiring and influential women of our time, including Maya Angelou, Jane Fonda, Gloria Steinem, Cameron Diaz, Melissa Etheridge, Alice Walker, Eve Ensler, Isabel Allende, and many others. Huffington Post ran this powerful corresponding slideshow in commemoration of the release of the book here that graced the front page all weekend! Pick up your copy to connect and engage with the words and experiences of these powerful women, who inspire us to speak our truths and make a difference in the world." Read excerpt

Marianne Schnall - Helping Us Find Our Voices by MJ Hanley-Goff, Woman Around Town

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Woodstock author Marianne Schnall gathers women's wisdom in 'Daring to Be Ourselves' by Ann Gibbons, The Daily Freeman

Feminism: A Moral Compass for Change? (references and quotes from Daring to Be Ourselves) by Barbara Hannah Grufferman, Huffington Post

Marianne Schnall: Daring to by Angelina Perri Birney, Pure Vision blog

Local Luminary: Marianne Schnall by Lee Anne Albritton, Chronogram Magazine

Daring to Be Ourselves: Influential Women Share Insights on Courage and Happiness, Psychology Today

Daring To Be Ourselves... Financially by Manisha Thakor,

"This impressive collection brings together words of wisdom from many of today's most renowned and influential women, including Maya Angelou, Jane Fonda, Gloria Steinem, Cameron Diaz, Melissa Etheridge, Alice Walker, Eve Ensler, Isabel Allende, Elizabeth Lesser, Jane Goodall, and many others."
- "Incredible Gift Ideas", Women's Health Wisdom, December 2010 by Dr. Christiane Northup, M.D.

Feminist author Marianne Schnall reads at Bluestockings by Catie Brown
NYU's Daily Student Newspaper

Listen to National Public Radio's interview with author Marianne Schnall:
An interview with Marianne Schnall by show host Susan Barnett aired on WAMC and National Public Radio (NPR) on the program 51%: The Woman's Perspective (you can listen online to the interview here).

Interview with Marianne Schnall on WomensRadio:
An interview with Marianne Schnall by WomensRadio Founder and CEO Pat Lynch aired on WomensRadio: Dare to Be Yourself!

What People Are Saying:

"From a lifetime of interviewing diverse women, Marianne Schnall has chosen quotations that address big questions, then clustered them around turning points in life. Daring to Be Ourselves is a gift, a joy and a rescue."
- Gloria Steinem

"Daring to Be Ourselves is lovely and useful and true."
- Alice Walker

"Marianne Schnall has gathered up a provocative, soulful and deeply helpful book of women, wisdom and ways to move us all forward. It is a gift!!!"
- Eve Ensler

"I love the book--it's beautiful and simple and a perfect thing to turn to in tough moments."
- Courtney Martin

"Daring to Be Ourselves would be a book I continue to share with the women in my life, even if I wasn't so fortunate to be featured. As women, pieces of our souls are sometimes chipped away by our audacity to be all that we can. And this uplifting read has those gaps now overflowing with the reminder that we have an entire army working with us, along with the women warriors that have already cleared so much of the way. I was interviewed by Marianne shortly after losing my grandmother. I felt her presence while reading this book and look forward to sharing it with my own granddaughters one day."
- Charreah Jackson


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